Analyzing Turkey’s Election Results

14th June 2015 Analysis, Regional Document

A Shock for the AKP amidst Kurdish Celebrations: Analyzing Turkey’s Election Results

After parliamentary elections on Sunday (June 7th 2015) shockwaves passed through Erdogan’s executive office and the 13 year long single-party reign of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). The results heralded a new Turkey, one where democracy has the final say. More importantly, the vast Kurdish population within the country celebrated a victory of their own by opening space for viable political participation and representation in the Turkish power politics.

Before any overzealous speculation and inaccurate forecasting, there is a need to analyse closely the breakdown of the results, reasons behind this surprise turnout of events, and possible scenarios for the future of one of the region’s most powerful and influential countries.

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1506_Turkey Elections