MENA – Regional Docment: Libya

20th April 2015 Analysis, Regional Document

Libya has become a major point of concern arguably rooted in the miscalculated NATO intervention in 2011. The fall of Muammar Gaddafi, previously known as the ‘King of Kings’, essentially left an ‘empty throne’ for contending militant factions to fight for. The pro-Islamist (Muslim brotherhood) Tripoli government along with the authorities based in Tobruk loyal to ex-general Khalifah Haftar have both declared legitimacy over the country, triggering what is now considered the second Libyan Civil War. Unable to maintain dialogue, peace or stability this oil-rich North-African nation is seemingly heading towards the same path as Syria, with increased levels of foreign interference, violent opposition forces as well as a significant Jihadist presence.

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1504_ MENA_RegionalDocument_Libya