Mozambique – An Emerging Destination for Foreign Investment

14th August 2015 Analysis, Regional Document

Mozambique is emerging as an ideal destination for foreign investment. Hopes of rebuilding the economy after the 1977-1992 civil war and the deadly 2000 flood are rising, with important reserves of gas and oil having been discovered in the central and northern parts of the country. For millions of Mozambicans the newly-found wealth may be a reason for hope, but it is also a destabilizing factor, as RENAMO 1 , the ex-counterrevolutionary militia turned political party, continues to express its economic and political grievances. This report seeks to highlight the country’s main investment sectors, while offering an analysis of the current political and security framework in relation to Mozambique’s ability to make the most out of its natural resources.


Mozambique An Emerging Destination for Foreign Investment

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