Tunisia: Counting the cost of the Sousse attacks

Tunisia: Counting the cost of the Sousse attacks

22nd September 2015 Analysis, Regional Document

Tunisia  has  been  idolized  in  recent  years  as  the  nation  that  sparked  a  regional  uprising  calling  for  self – determination,  social  equality  and  human  dignity  after  decades  of  autocratic  rule  across  the  Middle  East  and  North  Africa.  However  four  years  on, the  aftermath  of  the  Arab  Spring  seems  to  have  tainted  the  image  of  revolutionary hope  and a  better socio – economic and political future.

Even after  transparent elections , political reconciliation,  and other positive strides forward the country could  not escape  the wave of terrorism and instability plaguing its neighbours. 2015 has been an epitome of this turbulent  time as Tunisia faces severe economic and security challenges.

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