Other Solutions Consulting can provide tailor made, professional services to solve your security and safety related concerns.

Security audits
Establishment of information coordination and management systems – incident reporting and feedback circles, information gathering and analysis, travel monitoring
Providing and supporting experienced security staff
Country and location specific assessments
Operational mentoring and coaching on risk and security management issues including the mainstreaming of security
Corporate security policy development
Confidential psychological support and debriefings following a critical incident
Threat, vulnerability and risk assessments
Contingency planning – evacuation (security and medical), relocation and hibernation
Support the management of outsourcing security services (calls for tenders) – drivers, guards, close protection etc
Traveler briefings and debriefings
    Support the expansion into new geographical areas of operation
    Preparation for crisis management – policy development, establish a crisis management team, set up communication systems and material and implement training
    Writing of Security Manuals

    • Operational support involves the identification of specific needs, followed by individually designed solutions.
    • A wide range of professional consultants are available and can be called, on an as needed basis, to ensure the best results.
    • Consultancies are paid on a daily fee negotiated prior to signing a contract.
    • The amount of days allotted to complete the task professionally will be agreed on in advance. This will include time for preparation, travel and report writing.

    All contracts commence with the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement* (link to downloads and files)

    For ongoing operational support we can provide 24/7 direct support. This includes the availability of a consultant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via mail/ phone and text messaging. A longer term contract, of six months or more, is signed. A fixed monthly fee is paid, calculated on expected average days spent working for the client each month by a dedicated OTHER SOLUTIONS Consultant.

    The time will be used on an as needed basis, to respond without delay, to events that arise, such as; technical support online for the management of crisis, context monitoring and analysis according to travel and work stations, pre departure health and security briefings, context specific support for field staff (such as research on specific topics: housing, communication systems, security HR) and support to managers in their mainstreaming of safety and security.

    The 24/7 contract usually results in the identification of and proactive initiation of tailored safety and security improvements due to the deeper ongoing understanding of the client’s needs.

    All contracts commence with the signing of a Confidentiality agreement.*

    Other Solutions Consulting is flexible and open to client requests. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us as solutions can always be found!