OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting has professionally trained and accredited trainers who have hands on experience in the field.

Training is customised with consideration for the client’s identity and geographical presence. Appropriate trainers are selected depending on the specific requirements of the client, participants and subject matter.

Personal Security
Hostile Environment Awareness Training
Driver and Guard training
Security Management
Sexual Violence
First Aid and Trauma – basic and advanced
Crisis Management
First Time Traveller Preparation
Health and Safety
Stress Management
Communication – Radio, Satellite…
Anti-abduction Training

Training Approach

OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting uses a multi dimensional collaborative learning approach to facilitate participant’s professional growth and development. Multimedia communication such as auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods, are used, so as to keep participants engaged and to encourage full assimilation of learning goals. Training methodology includes the use of a variety of environments to reproduce realistic simulations as well as group work, brain storming sessions, role plays, debate, practical exercises, and guest speakers. The trainer works to stimulate the spirit of inquiry and reflection hence

rational open minded debate and critical analysis is highly encouraged.

Training is tailor made to the participant’s needs, the relevant context and the organizations mandate. The culture and customs of the communities in which the training takes place and which participants represent, will be respected as will the OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting Code of Conduct. So as to respect the learning of others, everyone in the training environment is encouraged to be courteous, tolerant, timely and supportive of each other.

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

Training is tailor-made to the client’s specific needs (context, organisation’s identity, budget etc) and can be designed for various participants (head office or field staff).

Training can be delivered anywhere and Other Solutions Consulting has access to a number of excellent training sites worldwide.

Training can also be opened up for external participation so as to increase participant numbers and decrease per person costs.

Please contact the Other Solutions Consulting Training Manager to clarify and define your training requirements